Since 2014, Germinal have constructed BoP for seven wind projects with an aggregate installed capacity of 92.0 MW. These consist of our three Germinal wind projects aggregating 50 MW and four wind projects in Gujarat with capacity of 42.0 MW for to other IPPs in India. We also provide maintenance services for BOP at these seven wind projects. With our development target of 1000 plus MW in the span of next five years, we expect a multifold growth in our BoP segment in the upcoming years.


The windmill projects are generally constructed at isolated/remote locations, miles away from the suburbs. Therefore, quality approach roads to every windmill location is highly essential as the commute for people and machineries must be accessible for the project’s life-time duration of 25 years. Apart from the civil construction of the road, the in-house team also looks into other activities such route survey, acquiring Right of Way (RoW) for the entire life of the project and selection of a suitable contractor.


Construction of civil foundation for windmills, as per wind turbine manufacturers’ drawing, comes under our balance of plant (BoP) and hence our scope of work. Apart from civil foundation, there are several civil jobs involved in a wind project which are undertaken by Powerica’s civil team independently – transmission line foundation, the base for transformer, bays, civil work involved in the unit substation (USS) and substation building are a few of them.


The electrical components involved in a wind power project including pooling substation, unit substation, (external/internal) transmission line, control panel, CTPT and bays etc. are to be constructed as per design and standards that are outlined by the concerned State authority. Our experienced in-house electrical team independently undertakes all the activities involved in electrical construction starting from appointing vendors & contractors right until supply & erections.


The windmills are required to be monitored remotely and uninterruptedly from a monitoring station through the SCADA (supervisory control and DATA acquisition) system. We facilitate SCADA network installations at the wind project sites, connecting all the windmills to the central monitoring system. We equip all the windmills with CCTV cameras and security personals for round the clock, 24×7 surveillance to ensure there is no physical damage to the windmills.