Germinal has entered into a joint venture agreement with Vestas for the implementation of wind farm development for an aggregate capacity of 750 MW in the next five years.We are in various development stages to commision wind farms with an aggregate capacity of 670MW in different windy states of the country.


Under this agreement, separate definitive documents will be entered for each site to grant exclusivity for supply, erection & commissioning and operation & maintenance of wind turbines to Vestas and balance of plant (BoP) to Powerica.

An SPV having 50:50 ownership by both Germinal and Vestas will be formed for each site and will be offered to the market closer to the completion of project development.


To demonstrate our commitment in achieving our targeted capacity, we have signed MOUs with the concerned states and the Government of India to develop wind projects of different capacities.


The estimated generation from the wind project is a key decision making parameter during the planning stage. A minimal variation can impact the project IRR significantly. We achieve this by:

  • Identifying potential windmill sites
  • Installing wind masts
  • Capturing wind data and regularly analysing information using cutting-edge and sophisticated softwares.


Our WRA team is proficient in choosing the best possible locations within the identified wind farms for the different types of wind turbines across makes and models available in the market.


Our highly-experienced, land team is adept at handling revenue, private & forest lands for wind power projects. This team is highly skilled in conducting complexed surveys of locations for:

  • terrain


  • aviation


  • wildlife

    bird sanctuary

  • geological and mining concerns.


Our independent processes for acquiring the land entail:

  • Digitisation of the land maps for the micrositing of the turbines using advanced softwares
  • Title search and execution of private land sale deeds
  • Handling land related litigations and local issues with the assistance of our legal team.

Germinal also acquires Right of Way (RoW) for approach roads and transmission lines for the entirety of the project, which is a critical process for the successful installation and smooth operation of the wind power project.

Our independent processes for acquiring Right of Way (RoW) includes thorough survey to identify geographical land co-ordinates, local owners, alternate routes, and negotiation with the land owners, negotiate prices and execution of agreements.


Acquisition of RoW demands arduous efforts. Our land team is competent enough to carry out all these activities independently and committedly.


Evacuation is the third pillar alongside land and wind on which a wind project stands. Feasibility of the project to connect with the state/ national grid is as critical as the availability of land and wind potential.


Our in-house evacuation team processes include:

  • Involvement in conception stages to ensure the projects feasibility in obtaining necessary evacuation approvals from concerned state/ national transmission entities.
  • Construction of the necessary electrical arrangements, such as transmission line, bay, transformer and substation as per evacuation approvals.
  • Preparation of suitable electrical drawing
  • Drawing the circuit diagram
  • Choosing suitable equipment vendors with competitive pricing, supply & erection

Our expert team in-house team obtains all the approvals and permits required to commission and operate a wind power project.


Updated with the advent of the bidding regime in the Indian wind power sector, Germinal developed a separate bidding team to keep a tab on all the bidding activities being taken place in the country.We participate in pre-bid meetings, preparation & submission of bid documents, and the arrangement for the online E-Reverse auction.


These are broadly the approvals and permits involved in a wind power project:


  • Signing MoU with respective state Govt.,
  • Wind Mast registration at NIWE
  • Developer permission
  • Capacity allotment
  • Developer permission
  • Evacuation approval
  • Village NoC
  • Geology & Mining NoC
  • Collector order for revenue land
  • Forest approval,
  • NoC from airport authority (if any)
  • Approval from defence authority (if any)
  • CEIG approval
  • PPA signing
  • Commissioning certificate



150 x 2 MW capacity



20 x 2 MW capacity



150 x 2 MW capacity



50 x 2 MW capacity